Waterjet is the fastest growing precision machine process that is environmentally friendly with great efficiency and productivity.  It is the process that doesn’t require tool sharpening and it cuts with great accuracy leaving clean and smooth edges. The fact is that there are no limits to what waterjets can cut.

Waterjet cutting system has the capabilities to cut a wide range of materials, despite the shape or size. They are used in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, stone, and food industry.

There are many benefits for using a waterjet, versatility, high cutting speeds, endless capabilities, environmentally friendly, easy to use, no stress impact, no tool sharpening, no heat affected zones, no dust or fumes, small cutting width, productivity, profitability, and complements all other precision machine operations.

HSM3020 waterjet system is one of the kind we have designed and manufactured that works best for your stone cutting application and will team up to ensure that you and your employees are trained with all the tools and support you need for success and higher profit. She is the abrasive cutting machine, entry level, large size format, bridge style table, CNC software with 3 or 5 axis operations.   She is purpose-built to deliver reliable efficient and practical performance that you can depend on in your stone fabrication. She is unmatched in accuracy quickness and speed, making it your most productive solution.

The reason that We call her the most productive solution for your fabrication purpose is that we will give you full tech and mechanical support when she is down. All parts are stored in our Lawrenceville warehouse. Detailed instructions for defining the problems and replacing wore parts are provided after the installation. There is no waiting for technician arriving and no paying high rate of their experiences. You, as the operator, should be able to detect the problem and replace the part right then when it happens. We will guarantee your minimum maintenance cost even after the expiration of warranty.