CuttingHead Assembly

Waterjet Cutting head assembly is the ultimate creation of the abrasive stream. Water pressurized at 50000 psi or greater enters the cutting head slowly (few feet per second). The water is forced through an orifice which is made of diamond, sapphire or ruby. It converts the water stream from a high-pressure stream to a high-velocity stream. The water is moving at supersonic speed (over 3200 feet per second). This creates the vacuum in the abrasive nozzle underneath the orifice, the abrasive is sucked into the stream in the nozzle and cutting speed increases with more abrasive until a saturation point is reached where speed starts to decrease. Now the abrasive water stream exits the nozzle with extreme speed and power. The abrasive erodes the material to be cut. It is capable of cutting any hard materials such as metal, glass, stone, and composites.

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